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Lap Dancing Nun Catholic Monastery Closed as Pope Unhappy with Monks

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by hearit

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In The News

Santa Croce in Gerusalemme church may be one of Rome's oldest and most prestigious churches--but a former lap-dancing nun and rumored behavior of Catholic monks has shut it down, per the Pope.

Built around a chapel that dates back to the 4th century, a lack of liturgical, financial and moral discipline has shut down the famous -- and now possibly infamous -- Santa Croce. The prestigious church itself is one of the Italian capital's hot spots for pilgrimage, the location believed to house holy relics related to the Catholic religion and faith.

The Pope's had his share of headaches in recent years. Among recent battles for the Catholic church have been events like the Benedictine nuns who signed a major record deal with the same company that handles recording artists Madonna and U2.

But any battle with the corporate world may pale in comparison to a lap-dancing nun and behavior at the Santa Croce, Italian monastery. In the world of 'headaches' the scenario may present more of a 'migraine' for the Pope who has now ordered closure of the religious spot that's housed an exotic dancer-slash-nun -- and a whole host of characters.

Things kind of went south when publicity hit over the formerly lap-dancing nun who performed for an audience that included cardinals and bishops, widely publicized in 2009. Oh, and there was a wooden crucifix was involved. Maybe it replaced any thoughts of a stripper pole.

Santa Croce's been a bit of a thorn in the Roman Catholic leader's side for more reasons than the lap-dancing nun.

It's a unique tale with what seem to be interesting personalities comprising the Italian monastery. The basilica's abbot was described as an engaging and flamboyant man -- former fashion designer, in Milan, Simone Fioraso. He got moved from the monastery a couple of years ago.

Simone Fioraso reportedly transformed the church and renovated a dilapidated interior, revamping the space and even opening a hotel on-site. The Italian monastery had been holding regular concerts and participating in a televised bible-reading marathon. The whole scene served to routinely attract celebrity visitors with its unique and spirited approach to religion.

Anna Nobili has served as an infamous nun at the monastery: the woman, a former lap-dancer who put a new spin on life, put on dance performances with other nuns during religious ceremonies at the monastery.

As it turns out, the nuns were reportedly less of an issue for the Pope than their counterparts and the message seems to be that the Pope is unhappy: rumors swirl that the Vatican is not pleased with the monastery's monks -- their behavior was in question.

Those "wild" monks.

The inquiry carried out by the Vatican's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life hasn't been made public -- and it's unclear whether the report ever will be. But it seems the Pope had finally had enough: "An inquiry found evidence of liturgical and financial irregularities as well as lifestyles that were probably not in keeping with that of a monk," says Father Ciro Benedettini, a Vatican spokesman who spoke to British media including 'The Guardian'.

As to the poor monks on-site, the few remaining Cistercian monks are being transferred to other monasteries in Italy -- perhaps to grieve.


Parrocchia S. Croce In Gerusalemme
Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 12
Rome 00185
Phone: 06 70613053
41° 53' 20.9148" N, 12° 30' 50.5872" E
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