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Tiger Woods Speaks in Dire PR Company Need Sponsors Drop

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by copythis

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Tiger Woods, with eminent return to golf, speaking again today. This infrequent Woods public speeches are a bit on par with with good old George W., so painful you wished you could put words in his mouth for him. Nothing changed today including vague apologies without reference as to the 'sin' being referenced. What we're wondering here is that Woods clearly has an attorney; where is any type of publicist or PR Company that can help save Woods from himself? Someone must have told Woods the inaccuracy that an attorney is more important than your PR manager-hey, Woods, if you don't pick up a good PR person soon, you're not going to need that attorney worry about settling out any of your assets to your wife. Instead, your reputation will be so far drowned, simply based on your own yammering, that the remaining sponsors you've been fortunate to hold onto, will probably have picked up and run. One of the first college lessons, and lesson for the real world, your PR company can be more vital than your attorney. Might wanna get on that before you've got no cash left to expend.

According to report: A reporter questioned him over the reasons of his absence for such a long time from media to which Tiger replied, "I followed the law, I followed my lawyer’s advice, talked to my sponsors and people closest to me. I needed time, I took a hard look at myself, core morals, to find strength and peace.” He also added that he was hiding to deal with the harassment his family was going through. “Being badgered, and photographed all the time was very hard for us” he said.

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