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Tiger Woods Car Accident Medical Records Subpoena

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by editor

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Golf sports star Tiger Woods has been charged with “careless driving” by police, and nothing else, regarding the single-car accident that occurred outside of Woods’ mansion. The accident took place within a gated community and on private property. Tiger Woods was knocked unconscious in the crash, his Cadillac SUV hitting a fire hydrant and neighbor’s tree. Spokeswoman Sergeant Kim Montes, for the FHP, said investigation was of a "traffic crash" and that it wasn’t believed to be a domestic issue.
His wife used a golf club to break through the vehicle’s back window, to free Woods from the SUV. Sergeant Montes said the accident wasn’t considered serious, that questions from the local media caused issue of a press release. The collision rendered Woods temporarily unconscious however wasn’t even severe enough to cause the Cadillac’s air bags to deploy, and Woods' physical ailments were limited to facial cuts. Tiger Woods declined to speak to police, requesting privacy from the media, and provided all document to police as required by state law. Troopers arrived at Woods’ home, asking to speak with the golf star. Woods’ attorney, Nejame, turned the Troopers away and Tiger made no statement to law enforcement.
On Tuesday, December 1, Williams of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said the department is not filing any criminal charges against Tiger Woods. Only a possible $164 fine is involved with the crash. Unbelievably, there had been efforts to obtain court order for Woods’ medical records following the single-car accident. Two days previous to the accident, the National Enquirer published a story alleging Woods has a New York mistress that he’d been seeing. When contacted by the Associated Press, the woman denied any affair. Regardless, claims of an extra-marital affair, or any other private affair, are entirely unrelated to a single-car driving accident that occurred on private property.
Investigators ceased attempts to for subpoena to access hospital records following the accident, due to insufficient evidence, and following consultation with the prosecutor’s office. Spokeswoman Montes stated “there are no claims of domestic violence by any individual,” and a neighbor (with, as a witness, holds the fortunate status of attorney) stated Woods did not appear to be under the influence of substances, nor showed signs of involvement in a fight. The FHP spokeswoman issued statement that the car accident wasn’t believed to be a domestic issue and, furthermore, that no one made claims of a domestic issue.
That being the case, it seems the neither the FHP nor any police department, should have had involvement in ever having made attempts to obtain hospital records in the first place. Unless there is specific reason otherwise, those records should remain sheltered under privacyEfforts to obtain Woods’ hospital records were supposedly ceased after consultation with the local prosecutor, but why were those efforts ever begun?

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