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Sex Tape of Reality Star Kendra to Make Millions

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by copythis

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In The News

Release of the Rated X flick for reality star Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape has been postponed by Vivid Entertainment while legal issues are resolved. Kendra is reportedly fighting to halt the sex tape’s release altogether, though the cover of “Kendra Exposed,” has already been leaked.
The sex tape was supposedly recorded in 2005 when the former Playboy Playmate--known simply as 'Kendra'--was only 18 years old, and long before she met her new husband, NFL football player Hank Bassett. The couple, mother and father to 5-month-old Hank IV, are said to be at odds concerning pending release of the sex tape. Radar Online reports that even though Kendra is publicly against the release of the tape, the reality TV star is somehow set to receive up to 50% of the sales generated--if the sex tape actually gets released, and which could make her millions of dollars. Radar Online claims that the man in the Kendra sex tape is the reality television star’s ex-boyfriend Justin Frye, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.
Frye was supposedly paid $100,000 by Vivid for the tape. “They have cut a deal,” the source claims about both Kendra and Justin, that the two parties cut separate deals with the company releasing the X tape. Kendra publicly decried any upcoming release of the sex tape but now is in position to earn a fortune from it, the source revealed. Supposedly Frye initiated the deal by shopping the sex tape and sold it for $100,000; as that deal was concluded , Kendra was supposedly later brought 'on board'. Radar Online claims that "the former Girls Next Door star [Kendra] realized she could potentially make a fortune from its [the sex tape's] distribution and a financial agreement was reached" however the reality star obviously has contract terms with the network, which might ban sale of content that could be detrimental to the star's aired image or personna.
Ex-boyfriend Frye, now 28, and Kendra, now 24, started dating when she was still in high school. Shortly after high school graduation, Kendra moved into the Playboy Mansion and became part of The Girls Next Door. “Justin had a tripod in his bedroom for the camera and a stripper pole in the apartment,” says a source to Radar Online. “Kendra definitely was not shy about being in these [sex] tapes. There are [sex] tapes of Kendra in really compromising positions … doing a lot of embarrassing things.”
When Kendra moved out, she simply left the video tapes behind, claims Radar Online. “It was a bad break-up… as soon as Hef took her, she was gone,”claims its source. “But Justin knew what he had [with possession of the sex tape] and obviously waited for the optimum moment to sell it. He waited until Kendra’s fame hit a certain level…he was striking while the iron is hot, if you like. This was a well-orchestrated plan.”
In 2008, Radar Online claims that Kendra made attempts to sell her own sex tapes and that, before she found Playboy fame, she shot several sex tapes with Frye while they were living in San Diego together; Kendra retained a lawyer and formed Home Run Productions, LLC in November 2008; the company claims the incorporation was related to potential sale of sex tapes in Wilkinson's possession; supposedly the deal fell through only because Hugh Hefner needed to approve the 'deal', therefore no deal was made.

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