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Marilyn Monroe Smoking Marijuana Pot Film Video

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by editor

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A silent video of Marilyn Monroe, stashed away for 50 years and previously available only to the FBI, is now revealed. The 4-minute video allegedly shows Monroe smoking marijuana with friends. The Marilyn Monroe film was made in the 1950's by a woman attending the get-together in a New Jersey apartment. Going by the first name of 'Gretchen,' she retains original copyright rights to the Monroe film that will be auctioned.
Existence of the home movie has been discovered during research of a forthcoming documentary by Keya Morgan and due out in 2010. That documentary, "Marilyn Monroe: Murder at 5th Helena Drive," examines the theory that Monroe was killed because of an affair with then-president JFK.
Morgan, a collector payng $275,000 for the movie, became aware of its existence via an FBI agent with original involvement in the investigation that surrounded Monroe's death over 50 years ago. The silent Marilyn Monroe film is slated for ebay auction early December 2009, and includes footage of Marilyn Monroe smoking what appears to be marijuana. Attached YouTube video footage belongs to Keya Gallery, involved in the forthcoming ebay auction of the movie.

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