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Google Users Divided Tiger Woods God Jerk Idiot Douche

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by editor

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Google users seem divided as to whether golf star Tiger Woods is God, a jerk, idiot or douche. God obviously ranks at the top of the list for Woods' options and, at this point, would be more than step up for the golfing legend.
Wack as it is, 'God' and 'jerk' options are not far removed in the Google most-frequently searched Tiger Woods options in early January, ironically appearing stacked directly above one another for user searches.
Attached Google screenshot image ['Tiger Woods is'] attached in this wack.
While Tiger Woods may be none of the above (Woods may just be understandably despondent), one of the most interesting returns is for Google Search Results for Woods' as God, url attached to this wack. Writer Yap makes the argument for Woods' and Gods' interchangeable roles, where Yap says:
"The coincidences are too much of a coincidence. Ask any golfer and they will tell you that no mere human can do what He [Woods] did and is doing. Sure, He [Woods] loses occasionally at golf but that is only in keeping with His 'mysterious ways' and propensity to hide His true self from mankind."
Continues Yap, "Consider this, when God took a break in June 2008, all hell broke loose. After the US open in June 2008, Tiger Woods, aka God, took a break...sure Tiger has Thai blood in Him but that is …… "only in keeping with His "mysterious ways" and propensity to hide His true self from mankind"

Direct link to Yaps' Tiger Woods as God publishing can be found via attached to this wack.

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