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A Punch for Lindsay Lohan as Actress Denied By Chris Brown in Public VMA Tweets

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by copythat

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It's bad news when the equivalent of a wife-beater turns you down--and worse yet when that denial's straight-up public. After the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), Lindsay Lohan sent Chris Brown a tweet about his performance, taking to Twitter to tell the singer he "killed it" at the event.
When Chris Brown re-tweeted the actress' message, Lindsay Lohan then asked Brown -- again via Twitter, for the whole world to see -- if he'd like to meet up in person.
The $64,000 Twitter question: "Wanna meet?" The result: none. As in no response. Silence isn't exactly golden when the whole world is listening.
Is it a slap in the face? More like a punch in the eye.

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