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Kat Stacks Slapped Video Claims Rapper Fabolous to Blame

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by underthesea

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In The News

There's a war of words, and now some physical violence thrown in the mix, between Kat Stacks and rapper Fabolous. Stacks was repeatedly slapped by an unknown man in an Atlanta bar, a man whom she claims is known and sent by the rapper, Fab.
The mega-fan, or mega-groupie, depending upon whom you ask, is “famous” for blasting her alleged sexcapades with celebrities and rappers. Kat Stacks is a well know Internet groupie, who contacts celebrities through twitter in hope of a one-night stand; usually celebrities take her up on the “offer”.
Some of the celebrities include Nelly, Bow Wow, Lil Twist and Aaron Carter. Usually Stacks only criticises the celebrities after their “happy hour”.
Stacks has now made hip-hop headlines of late, for a recent physical, slapping assault she suffered while in an Atlanta club. The incident was caught on tape and shows Kat Stacks sitting at the bar, before she is confronted by two men and eventually slapped repeatedly by one.
A recent video, first leaked online but now removed and banned by YouTube, shows Kat Stacks being beat down by an unidentified man in a bar. Kat Stacks has been releasing personal information about a number of rappers that she has slept with in recent years, and apparently has made some of the wrong people angry. The model and rap video actress has been involved in a number of incidents especially in recent weeks, including one where she released rapper Fabolous’ phone number for the world to see on her Twitter page.
But recently one of Bow Wow’s associates encountered Kat Stacks and was not too happy with what Kat said about Bow Wow. There's claims that it's Fabolous’s Brother who walks up to Kat in the bar, slaps her twice, hits her cellular phone out of her hand, and then demands the apology of Kat Stacks for Bow Wow.
On Twitter, Stacks identified the two bar men as friends of Bow Wow and Fabolous-the theory is that the entertainers sent their boys over to do the dirty work, since Stacks has had beefs with both rappers after some of her allegations. Kat Stacks claimed that it was rapper Fabolous who sent people to smack her up. The individuals first stole Stacks' phone, then videotaped the incident. The man smacked her on several occasions, then asked Stacks to apologize for the things that she had done, to apologize on camera.
The man in the video is not Fabolous, but speculation is that the man in the clip is associated with Fabolous. The rapper Fabolous admitted on his Twitter account to knowing who the individual was but claimed that he never asked them to go hit Kat Stacks. Fabolous has traded blows back and fourth with Kat Stacks in recent weeks. Reportedly, Stacks was going to be working on a music video with Fab. He then found out that she was the woman on the Internet causing a stir, and dismissed her from the video set without pay. When Kat Stacks was sent home, she released his phone number for the world to see on her Twitter, apparently cause of the recent backlash.
Stacks says: “yes its true @myfabolouslife sent people today to smack me up at the bar & they stole my phone & recorded it. i dare yall to blast it.” ” got my a** wooped? it was 2 n*ggas yelling @myfabolouslife & @bowwow name … im a female u got 2 n*ggas to hit me LOL lame.” “i have no marks on my face .. they are lame” Kat has threatened to take the matter to court and sue for the assault and release of the video, which she claims was taken with her stolen phone.
Meanwhile, Fab took to Twitter to deny having any part in the Atlanta bar slapping incident. Fabolous says: “It’s sad y’all believe anything y’all hear & see on the internet.. Especially from someone as credible as Kat Stacks *Smh*” “Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her… KARMA!! #RealSh*t.”
Um, ok: it all makes sense now.

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