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Gibson Admits Domestic Violence in New Audio Tape in Investigation

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by copythis

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In The News

Mel Gibson’s career swirls further down the toilet as ex Oksana Grigorieva claims photo possession of her face she says was bruised by the actor--and recording where the actor admits he hit her. While the ex questions “what kind of a man” would hit a woman holding a baby “twice in the face” and alleges he broke her teeth, Gibson responds“You f***ing deserved it.”

That tide may shift if a jury decides Gibson “f***ing deserved it” with sentencing.

Seemingly more than a pig—some might call the actor plain stupid too: apparently he skipped all those Law and Order episodes, never questioning why someone he knows intimately would specifically identifying during a phone conversation. A tad more intelligence, or simply gut instinct, might have suspected someone to be “wearing a wire”.

But that’s all in the past now. The question is whether Gibson will have any future. The public forgave the actor—at least in general—after his last drunken rant to Malibu police a few years ago. Now that Mel Gibson has insulted every other ethnicity and gender, he’s basically down to blasting the “white man” if he’s looking for any remaining material. And since the “drunk” excuse has already been used once, he’ll have to do his damnedest to find some new one—but prospects aren’t looking good.

Grigorieva has leaked the second, soon to be equally infamous, audio tape to the media—and it includes all kinds of tidbits, including audio that just might land the actor in jail. Apparently Gibson is under the mis-impression that there is any degree of his reputation remaining to salvage—the actor’s trying to bar his ex-girlfriend from releasing a complete DVD which allegedly contains all of the Gibson audio recordings and photos.

Those little tidbits will most likely be up on the auction block next—to the highest (media) bidder.

The stunning Gibson admission to violence looks like just the piece of evidence to sink the actor permanently. After the first audio tape with Grigorieva appeared on the horizon last week, a criminal investigation was announced only days ago. The Mel Gibson case is surely bound for the district attorney’s office, but in the meantime an investigation into the Domestic Violence accusations against Gibson are already underway with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

But the latest might be the finale—at least for Gibson’s acting career. The newest tape—to shock previous Gibson fans--features the out-of-control actor in a seeming fit that includes enraged screaming, even panting, in a basically blind fury. Just to balance things out, Gibson threw in a couple of death threats for good measure—and those got recorded too.

Looks like those Domestic Violence charges may be the least of worries for Gibson, as more charges are sure to follow the death threat recordings.

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