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Can I change my Wacktrap username?

Not appreciating who you are after all this time? Assisting in an identity crisis is not our forte. If you’re up in arms, sure you want to be someone else, rest assured we have our reasons for askin' you to stay the same.
Wacktrap isn't simply a site, it’s an intimate community built on sharing and reputation. At Wacktrap your username is more than important, it's your identity. It’s how members know you. It’s how members remember you. It’s how members evaluate you. From the moment you establish your Wacktrap identity, you’ll be involved in adding wacks, reading and Rating those wacks. And of course Commenting on them. Your Wacktrap username is you. Members learn about who you are and how you think.
Consider your identity, whom you are and whom you might want to be, when first creating your Wacktrap account. Once your account is created, we can't change your username. Because, with name changes, it’s so easy to get lost in the mix. Even when you don’t  mean to be. And we definitely don’t want that happenin'.
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