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Wildfoods Festival Horse Semen Shots to Make Men Feel Like Stallions

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by hearit

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In The News

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival – an event that claims to be the "outrageous food experience" in New Zealand – will be offering up shots of horse semen this year. At $10 bucks a shot, the food festival claims that ingesting a horse’s semen will make men feel like stallions.

This year’s theme for the March 12 event is “where the wild foods are” and draws about 15,000 festival-goers annually to the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island – and the newest ‘culinary delight’ added to the 201 Hokitika Wildfoods menu is bound to make fare of the past, like ram’s testicles, fried scorpions, pig gut kebabs, fresh eel slime sauce and even wasp larvae ice-cream, standard in comparison. For the few and the brave, a shot of horse semen is supposed to make those whom partake feel like stallions themselves – the shots “tastefully” pitched as an “energy health booster.”

The concept behind the semen shots is that horses operate on testosterone, with barely any cholesterol. Humans hope that vitality will be passed on from the animal, at a price, plus a bucketload of courage: the shots will be ten bucks apiece. As to the idea that testosterone will be passed on to those whom partake – well, the mind can do a lot.

Horse trainer Lindsay Kerslake says women complain of the alkaline taste of semen in humans, so says "we thought we'd better make it more user-friendly” for the upcoming festival. Flavor options for the horse semen shots will include none – for those who can stomach it – or a flavor mask that includes cherry, licorice or banoffee pie. Think of it like a milkshake," says Kerslake.

Yeah, that’s what he said.

If taking shots of animal semen isn’t naturally a comforting thought, Kerslake claims that obtaining the horse semen is standard procedure: "It's all safe - we're getting the semen in the same way [horse] breeders do, using an artificial vagina and storing it in the formula they use."

Wildfoods Festival organizer Keenan says "We had bull semen here in 2003. Deer pizzle has been offered -- the penis of a deer -- boiled up.”

All which just goes to show, humans will do most anything – and even pay for it.

Wildfoods spokeswoman Megan Wilson admits to media that the upcoming availability of horse semen will be "for the brave". "But I don't think it's that disgusting,” says Wilson. “We never think anything is disgusting." Taking the shot of horse semen may be easier than the aftermatch for men looking to up their vim, vigor and vitality -- finding a mate, after ingesting another animal’s semen, may prove an equal battle to ingesting the stuff.


Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival
New Zealand
Phone: 03 756 9048
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