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Elderly Man Uses Electric Wheelchair to Drive on I-95 Highway Freeway Video

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by hearit

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In The News

When an elderly man in an electric wheelchair ends up on a freeway, it's normally not the best option. A Connecticut man was discovered “cruising” on Interstate 95 and using the freeway to drive in his electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs may be intended to help mobility for those who wouldn’t get around as easily without them – only some people maybe aren’t meant to have quite so much open freedom. The man decided to use the freeway's 'breakdown lane' for the drive– which he must have 'logically' determined as the safe way to do things. Video footage shows cars and trucks speeding past him, in a lane just yards away from his wheelchair.

Since he wasn’t wearing an outfit that distinguished him from most of the elderly population's attire -- complete with blue coat and sunglasses – his identity remains a mystery. His long, strange trip (or at least part of it) was captured on video by Department of Transportation (DOT). The elderly man (sort of) safely got off of the highway at the Fairfield exit.

Apparently Connecticut State Police troopers weren’t able to catch up with the elderly man traveling at his ‘high’ rate of speed in the electric wheelchair: the police department claims that it surely would have warned the highway traveler about what vehicles are and aren't allowed on the highway.


Fairfield, CT
United States
41° 8' 28.3488" N, 73° 15' 49.4136" W
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