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MySpace Comedian Ben Gleib Too Much Pot at High Times Stony Awards

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by hearit

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In The News

Funny "report" by MySpace Comedian Ben Gleib from The Stony Awards. The tenth annual "Stony Awards" is sponsored by magazine "High Times" as an event celebrating the "highest and stoniest" movies and TV shows.
A couple of minutes into the video, the MySpace reporter/comedian begins partaking in the festivities with a joint when he says- “If you don’t want me to be part of the scene, have me cover the fucking teetotalers awards”
By night’s end, "reporter" Gleib's been hitting up the bong and all kinds of extraneous 'goodies' backstage. The final moments- “I’m baked. I’m baked, dude, like an apple pie. You know what I’m saying?”
Gleib has always been funny on his own-but funniest yet, in his newest "reporting" foray with MySpace comedy videos.
Watch the attached video from beginning to end, to get the gist of how high he truly is.

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