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Kimmel Declares Facebook National Unfriend Day NUD November 17

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by hearit

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In The News

The latest Public Service Announcement from Jimmy Kimmel and William Shatner: "These people on Facebook, they're not your friends”.  Jimmy Kimmel’s declaring Wednesday, November 17 as "National Unfriend Day" on Facebook—a holiday Kimmel dubs “NUD”.
With his new "National Unfriend Day" ‘holiday’, Kimmel holds the hope that Facebook users will weed out random acquaintances and old classmates—to rid the “Friends” he says aren’t really friends. "You want to know who your friends are?" says Kimmel. "Post a [Facebook] status update that says 'I'm moving this weekend and I need help.' The people that respond? Those are your friends! Everyone else isn't."
In preparation for "National Unfriend Day”, Kimmel’s drafted an official Declaration of Indefriendence—the document read by Kimmel’s show regular, “Uncle Frank”. Kimmel guests and proponents of the NUD holiday include Lisa Kudrow—the former “Friends” sit-com actress’ monologue devoted to the definition of real friendship is, in honor of NUD. Dr. Mehmet Oz has also done a Kimmel segment, purporting the health factor associated with unfriending.
The average Facebook user’s got about 120 “Friends”—while the site’s most active users have many more on that ‘friend list’. Kimmel claims he thinks that number’s “too many” because, the comedian says, “no one has 500 friends” in real life.
Kimmel’s recent efforts to push for ‘unfriending’ backfired for the late night television host when he asked Facebook users to “unfriend” Gina Lovato, whom had roughly 500 friends; after Kimmel’s request for Facebook users to oust the girl from their “Friends” list, Lovato suddenly accrued a lot more, new “Friends”— pushing her list past two thousand. The Kimmel video clip uses Facebook user ‘Allie Cohen’ as an example of why National Unfriend Day is of such vital importance: “It is possible that this woman has two thousand, four hundred and sixty friends? No, it isn’t”.
For full details on the importance of participating in “National Unfriend Day”, view the attached video clip. It just may be a worthy cause.

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