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When You Gotta Drive Home Use Your Feet as Brakes Man Plays Fred Flintstone Unsuccessfully

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by copythat

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When in doubt, don't use your head -- use your feet. A 24-year-old guy from Detroit is old enough to know better: The man plays Fred Flintstone--stupidly using his feet as brakes to drive his truck, unsuccessfully. It all didn't work out to well. He's alive and so is everyone else but he did hit four cars or vehicles before Michigan cops stopped him.
He rolled for roughly two miles, in a truck, on a patch known as Groesbeck Highway -- all while sticking his feet outside the vehicle in an attempt to stop the truck's movement. The guy kind of hit four other vehicles along the path. It wasn't a last-ditch effort for failing brakes. It seems the man was well aware that his car's brakes weren't working. Apparently he wanted to get home because he was tired -- and scheduled to work the next day. It's unclear whether the Detroit guy planned to use the same method the next day, to get to work. The Roseville Police Deputy Chief James Berlin calls it "moronic decision-making," according to The Detroit News -- though the description may be somewhat inaccurate.
It doesn't appear there was decision-making involved in the process of acting like Fred.
The Michigan man found himself completely unable to stop his truck at a red light -- instead running the light, when he subsequently hit two vehicles. That was round one. The driver continued onward (and downward), hitting two additional vehicles with his truck at another intersection. The guy finally stopped when a cop caught up with his moving truck -- the officer kindly suggesting, or instructing, the driver throw the moving truck into 'park' to stop momentum.
Amazingly, no one was injured -- and the guy was actually sober, passing field sobriety tests. The lack of intoxication in such an idiotic act may have surprised police. The guy's Michigan driver's license was already suspended at the time of the accidents -- a fact which probably did not surprise police.
Back to beginnings: The fact the Detroit man was ever issued a state driver's license to begin with, again, may have surprised police.
"I just can't believe anybody would think for a second they could make it home using their feet as a brake," says Police Chief Berlin. "It's so stupid, it's comical."


Detroit, MI
United States
42° 19' 53.1372" N, 83° 2' 44.7144" W
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