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In Terrible Economy Ohio Woman Proves Honest People Exist Returns Lost Wallet $4600 Cash

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by copythat

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It's one of the most rough and tumble economies since the Great Depression--and, still, the world is filled with some truly honest people. While one guy rejoices in regaining lost funds, one woman can rejoice in doing the right thing. It was a serious wad of cash turned into Cleveland-area cops, in what must have been one fat wallet stuffed with money. A guy got his $4600 back.
It's a rare thing in any time, but particularly rare nowadays -- when people are desperate and short on money, out of jobs, with some even being thrown out of their homes and unable to pay bills. Gold is at its highest, while cash in hand proves more valuable than gold. Despite it all, thirty-year-old Leah Kleppinger turned in a wallet containing $4600. The Ohio woman says the idea of keeping the money, instead of turning it in to its owner, equals stealing.
She turned the found wallet -- along with all its contents -- into police after discovering it to have been left in a shopping cart outside of a Bed, Bath & Beyond store in Solon.
Good deeds must be rewarded. And, yes, the guy whose wallet was lost did pay out an undisclosed amount in kindness -- leaving the money at the police station, in a reward the woman says was unnecessary.
Maybe equally unbelievable: The man who lost the wallet must have an incredible faith in people -- to have actually filed a police report.


Solon, OH
United States
41° 23' 23.1936" N, 81° 26' 28.4136" W
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