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Groceries Turn Dangerous as Man Shoots Himself in Penis With Girlfriends Gun

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by hearit

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In The News

There are bad things to shoot--and then there are really, really bad things to shoot with a gun. It's kind of the reason that carrying a gun in your pants could prove dangerous for certain body parts. A guy from Phoenix is trying to get better after accidentally shooting himself in the penis, after putting his girlfriend's gun in his pants waistband while shopping for groceries.

It's a little unclear why the man was packing his girlfriend's gun, but perhaps he might consider buying her a bigger purse for that next birthday present. Chandler, Arizona, police were called to the scene of 27-year-old Joshua Seto and fiancée unlucky shopping trip. The pair was walking toward a grocery store when the penis shooting occurred -- the gun firing and striking Seto's penis and heading out through his left thigh.

Cops aren't talking about whether the guy suffered permanent damage, but it may be time to consider adoption following that wedding. Law enforcement's got a message for the public, though it may be better delivered by the penis-shooter himself: The Chandler Police Department recommends using holsters, not waistbands, for those carrying a handgun.


Chandler, AZ
United States
33° 18' 22.1796" N, 111° 50' 28.5" W
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