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Casey Anthony Lookalike Clerk Daughter Caylee Attacked in Car Crash

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by copythis

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It sucks for people to think you're a murderer--and apparently it also sucks if people think you look like one: One Oklahoma woman is pissed over the Casey Anthony verdict and she's allegedly taken that anger out on a store clerk who looks like the Florida mom acquitted. The clerk's also got a daughter named Caylee--and her car was flipped twice in a crash.
The Casey Anthony lookalike is a convenience store clerk who left after work in Chouteau, Oklahoma. The store employee, Sammay Blackwell, says a customer had some words for her: "you look like Casey Anthony." That customer allegedly followed the clerk in a car for several miles before literally crashing her car into Blackwell's just days ago -- causing the store clerk's vehicle to flip several times.
Blackwell says Shireen Nalley gave her the staredown -- and gave her "the creeps" when the customer entered the store late July 8, 2011, near 10 p.m. to buy gas. Unfortunately for Blackwell, her shift was almost over, the clerk leaving about half an hour later. The Oklahoma clerk says she saw Nalley sitting, waiting in a minivan and watching her.
Intuition does pay off -- and apparently intuition should've said a gas station was safer than being followed on lonely streets.
The convenience store customer's accused of following the clerk and eventually ramming the clerk's car with her own -- twice. The second ramming and collision flipped Blackwell's truck over two times.
If that's not weird enough, it gets stranger: The store clerk, Blackwell, happens to have a daughter too -- and she's named Caylee.


Chouteau, OK
United States
36° 11' 9.348" N, 95° 20' 34.8864" W
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