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Babysitter Claims No Handbook States Baby in Truck Bed Is Child Neglect

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by copythat

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Forget about nanny cams--some things can't be recorded: A baby sitter in Florida was spotted carting around a baby in a stroller--in a truck bed. Apparently there's no car seat required when you're carting around a baby who's already seated in a stroller. Volusia County drivers called 911 in what responding Daytona Beach officers deem child neglect. But the babysitter says there's no handbook for that.

23-year-old Keyona Davis has apparently been a babysitter for about 7 years. She says she was baby-sitting for a friend -- when multiple Florida residents called 911 about a stroller in the bed of a pickup truck that was actively being driven. It seems Davis doesn't have a clue about what could possibly be wrong with her method of transport.

8-month-old Terrance McClain was traveling semi-shotgun when upset drivers called 911 on August 17:

Florida 911: "What is the emergency?"
Caller: "There's a truck going down Mason Avenue heading east with a baby stroller in the back of the truck with a baby in it."
Florida 911 operator: "Where's your emergency?"
Caller: "There's a baby back in a pickup truck while it's driving on Nova Road southbound."

A driver tailed the pickup as it headed south on Nova Road for several miles, then turned on Orange Avenue -- where police intercepted the situation. In court, the babysitter told the judge: "I got my first child when I was 16." Davis told the Florida court she'd been baby-sitting without a problem, since she was a teenager -- and apparently didn't understand or realize the law could consider a baby in the bed of a pick-up truck as child endangerment.

According to Keyona Davis: "It's not like they give you a handbook or anything on how...what's neglect and what's not neglect."


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