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How long will it take Wacktrap to answer my question?

Our Wacktrap Team is dedicated to answering questions and concerns concisely, precisely, and as fast as possible. We know, ‘soon’ never feels soon enough when you’re excited to get goin’. We understand. But we promise, we’re workin’ on it.
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I can't find the right Category for my wack. What to do?

The Wacktrap site is based upon literally thousands upon thousands of hours of research, development and work. We’ve compiled many of the most frequent wacks in life, categorized by what our Team currently knows to be the most common areas for experiences. But we’ll be the first to admit, you can’t always know exactly where or when a wack’s gonna pop up. While we’re sure we’ve gotten (at least most of it) right, we need your help.
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Can I contact Wacktrap about advertising with my company?

Please never solicit Wacktrap for ad placements, or attempt to solicit Wacktrap, in hopes that Wacktrap will be choosing to place an advertisement with your company or business. Doing so will only waste our time and yours.
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I've got feedback. How do I contact Wacktrap?

Even as we speak, you’re determining how the Wacktrap site works, what features are offered, and what needs to be changed. Wacktrap categories? They’re based, and change, according to you.
So what if you’ve got something to tell us? Like what you think. Or what we can improve. Or the category you’re sure we need most. To make your experience better, better, and best, we need to hear from you. Read more

The answer to my question isn't listed. How do I contact Wacktrap?

Lots of places hide it from you. We don’t, and won’t. If you’re experiencing trouble, we want and need to know about it. And if you haven’t yet gotten the gist of what we’re about, we believe things should be out in the open. So you'll find our Contact Info here. But first-
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