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The answer to my question isn't listed. How do I contact Wacktrap?

Lots of places hide it from you. We don’t, and won’t. If you’re experiencing trouble, we want and need to know about it. And if you haven’t yet gotten the gist of what we’re about, we believe things should be out in the open. So you'll find our Contact Info here. But first-
If you have a moment to scan the Wacktrap FAQ page, you’ll find the answer to the questions we answer most often. Most things you can think of are going to be right here to these FAQs, organized easily by topic. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact Wacktrap now.
And what if you’ve got something you’d like to tell us? What you think. What we can improve. Or the category you’re sure Wacktrap needs most. To make your experience better, better, and best, we need to hear from you. So don’t be shy. Send Wacktrap Your Feedback, your suggestions, your categories, to help make it even better. We know we’re not perfect-we just need you to tell us how.

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