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Swede Randomly Bursts into Flames Outside Gothenberg Train Station Music Store

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by editor

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If there's no such thing as spontaneous combustion related to humans, one man seems intent on proving otherwise. Swedish police are trying to identify a guy who onlooker say burst into flames outside of a train station. And no one can figure out how a man randomly became part of a fire.

If it was a cigarette gone wrong or polyester clothes that helped spark a fire, no one saw it. What people did last see was a man standing outside of a music store -- at Gothenberg central train station late last Sunday -- when witnesses say he suddenly caught fire and caught attention by yelling for help.

Amazingly the guy's alive but one person describes the man as burning before onlookers and reportedly a streetcar driver rushed to action, able to slap out flames with clothing like jackets. Officers won't confirm age but reports say the man appears to be in his 40s. The fast action of putting out the fire allowed the man to be rushed for treatment at Gothenburg's Sahlgrenska hospital, where police expect him to be under medical care for weeks -- cops at the hospital since the odd scenario occurred. No one knows whether bizarre accident or any motive is part of what seems a human being randomly bursting into fire.


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