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Pot Brownies Send California Seniors to Hospital After Eating Medical Marijuana at Funeral

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Some find pot brownies take the edge off life and alter memory. For others, weed-filled sweets are proving a big memory. Newport Beach and Huntington Beach invitees of an October funeral service in California have been given a memory meant to celebrate a lifetime. Unfortunately, eating some treats put three in the hospital -- but only temporarily.

At least one in attendance of a Southern California memorial service decided that memory of the deceased would best be served by offering up one of the deceased woman's favorite foods. There was only one issue: Someone forgot to tell a few people. Three older people.

Brownies baked with a bit of weed were served, or at least readily available for consumption, at the beach city funeral in California. Someone forgot to tell the contingent -- that highly favors sweets and baked goods -- that the brownies were quality. High quality. Three people began encountering some problems after eating the brownie treats. Pot-induced spins and a problem standing upright became issues for three in the senior crowd, all of whom ingested medical-grade marijuana. The three seniors -- an 82-year-old man and two 71-year-old women -- ended up at the E.R.

The funeral's attendees probably weren't counting on the cops showing up to a memorial service. But it may rank among the most memorable tributes to a life.

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