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Never Joke About Stealing Candy from Trick or Treating Twins Packing 9 mm Guns Ammo

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by editor

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Holidays are important stuff for kids--with treats apparently really, really important. A woman who was joking about stealing a young boy's candy got quite a surprise. She got a gun pulled on her. Someone must have taught the boy about a constitutional right to bear arms as protected by the 2nd Amendment. They just forgot to tell him he was supposed to be an adult before doing it.

They forgot to tell his brother too.

South Carolina cops say a 10-year-old trick-or-treater whipped out a handgun -- pulling a 9mm on a woman who had been joking she'd steal his Halloween candy.

Apparently the 28-year-old woman relayed to cops that she'd recognized some of the trick-or-treating kids on Halloween night and had jokingly said she'd take their (diligently accumulated) candy. Good thing she didn't make a reach for it. A 10-year-old kid of the group said "no," and meant it. He followed that up by pointing the 9 mm gun at her. It'd be great to say the gun wasn't loaded -- which it wasn't. It'd be scary to say there was ammo on hand -- which there was. The young kid had a clip of ammunition on him.

And if you think one is good, double is apparently trouble. The kid's 10-year-old brother, the boys assumed to be twins who seem to share a similar mindset, was also found packing heat. The brother copped to having another separate gun, cops recovering both weapons the boys had lifted from their grandfather's possession without permission.

It obviously all arose from a great example. Of course the deadly weapons must have been locked up in a gun safe like they should have been. The twins must be safe-crackers too.


Aiken, SC
United States
33° 33' 37.5012" N, 81° 43' 10.3908" W
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