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No Crazy Cat Lady Brenda Hoch Has Skunks for Florida Adoptions

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by hearit

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No one wants to be dubbed the "crazy cat lady" -- making Brenda Hoch one brave woman, to be housing 15 skunks. But she's got an excuse: the Florida woman and her husband Don do it all for a good cause--sheltering skunks that need a new home and owners for adoption. No scent included.

It started when Don and Brenda Hoch say they saw, and took home a skunk name "Spike" after seeing him in a Florida pet store. A year later they've got 15 -- but are more than willing to share.

The Tampa Bay area contacts for "Florida Skunk Rescue", the Hochs are "foster parents" of sorts, responsible for taking good care of orphans that need to be re-homed. There's no concern about smell: The skunks available for adoption have had that spraying part 'fixed', de-scented between the ages of 2 to 4 weeks old.

The skunk adoption organization says each skunk has its own individual personality. The biggest problem may be how many bags of cookies a skunks is capable of nibbling on per day. If your'e absolutely sure you're not interested in adopting a skunk, watching the Hoch video may change your mind.


Florida Skunk Rescue - Brenda & Don Hoch Tampa Bay, FL
United States
Phone: (727) 809-0975
27° 56' 57.9696" N, 82° 27' 54.5184" W
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