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Austria Misses Zoo Kangaroo Sumsi with Marsupial on the Run

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by copythat

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Who knew Austria housed a kangaroo?—or--rather--did. Austria’s famous kangaroo—a five-year-old named “Sumsi”--has gone missing from a private zoo located in the Alpine republic’s southern village of Predin. The famous marsupial disappeared a couple of months ago. The zoo’s operator believes the kangaroo was stolen, but if that is the case, whomever managed the initial theft hasn’t managed to keep “Sumsi” down. Apparently “Sumsi” the kangaroo prefers the Austrian ‘wild’: there’s been sightings in the local area of Austria, where the kangaroo pops up but then quickly disappears again. The Preding fire department managed to seal off a corn field following a “Sumsi” appearance, but either not well enough, or quickly enough—Austria’s missing kangaroo has yet to be recaptured.

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