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Vultures Guard Gourds at Halloween Smashing Pumpkins Detroit Zoo Event

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by editor

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Michigan's Detroit Zoo holds its annual "Smashing Pumpkins" wildlife event with pumpkin donations by Costco Wholesale and Whole Foods grocery stores. The zoo's wildlife is given leftover Halloween pumpkins--surplus inventory from Costco and Whole Foods--and zoo visitors get one day only, to watch the animals' reactions to their Halloween "leftovers".

Detroit Zoological Society gorillas relocate their donated pumpkins, vultures circle and guard their gourds, baboons yank out pumpkin innards and polar bears first step on their pumpkins before devouring them--stem and all,

The Smashing Pumpkins event is aptly named after what most of the animals do with their given gourds. Watch the polar bears in the Detroit Zoo's video to see the fun firsthand.


Detroit Zoo-Detroit Zoological Society
8450 W. 10 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067
United States
Phone: (248) 541-5717
42° 28' 32.7432" N, 83° 8' 58.2288" W
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