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Subway Employee Adds Some Green Extra Meat Means Weed for Customers

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by hearit

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In The News

Give an entrepreneur credit where credit's due: A South Florida sandwich maker clearly produced a genius of a combination, albeit a bit illegal. How about a Subway footlong to accompany that bag of green weed.

A 47-year-old, female, Subway employee has been arrested after getting busted for some fat sandwiches. Police say she was selling pot at a Fort Pierce (FL) location -- with purchase of any sandwich requiring "extra meat".

Sheriffs claim "extra meat" was a code word customers could use to buy marijuana from the Florida sandwich shop. In this case, "extra meat" may have served less as a code than an accurate order from "extra hungry" customers.

Interestingly, the Subway employee's method ensured money didn't physically change hands in a drug transaction: Sandwich customers looking for some green simply knew to add ten bucks to the counter's tip jar, to cover the pot purchase -- in return receiving two grams of weed stuffed into their sandwich bag. It seems undercover cops -- who used what they say was the "extra meat" code word -- claim they came away from the fast-food chain, twice last month, with some marijuana to add to that footlong.

It's unclear whether the Fort Pierce location is a franchise store.

Customers be aware: not all Subway locations are honoring the promotion -- and Jared's not serving as spokesman in any related ad campaign.


Subway - Fort Pierce Location Fort Pierce, FL
United States
27° 26' 48.1416" N, 80° 19' 32.1816" W
Subway Corporate Office
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06460
United States
Phone: (203)877-4281
41° 12' 53.1792" N, 73° 5' 27.9564" W
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