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Florida Thieves Take Guy Home to Wife and Kids Then Bring in His Girlfriend

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by copythat

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In The News

None may be a Robin Hood, but robbers in South Florida apparently have their own style of ethics: Police are investigating the strangest of kidnapping and robbery scenarios after thieves who stole jewelry and cash left a guy with his wife, mother and kids-- then dropped off his girlfriend--creating a bizarre scenario that awaited Miami police.
Four guys in masks broke into a pickup truck in Hialeah, Florida – while a guy was sitting in the pick-up (or doing whatever) with his girlfriend. The only problem: He’s married. And he’s not separated. And apparently the robbers were aware of those facts.
Two of the robbers forced the guy into another vehicle, binding his hands with flex cuffs. The other two performed the same binding scenario, using flex cuffs, on the woman in the pickup truck. Then both vehicles were driven to the man’s house in Miami – for an introduction of sorts: The guy’s wife, his mother and even his children were waiting when robbers arrived to the Miami home.
Thieves tied up everyone at the home before stealing thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry – then made the ‘party’ complete by bringing the girlfriend into the house before making a getaway.
The whole scenario makes it hard to imagine a longer or more awkward wait for police to arrive on scene. It's not exactly a good topic of conversation to talk about what everyone's got in common.


Miami, FL
United States
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