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Arizona City Turns Crap to Cash Turns Dog Poop to Green Energy Light

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by copythis

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While Florida residents are performing DNA testing on dog poop left behind by homeowners, to fine dog owners, perhaps the Jupiter HOA is missing the point: They could be making money off that doggie doo left behind. A Phoenix-area suburb is considering a plan to turn dog waste that's collected from a public park into a green energy source. It's a brilliant idea that's literally creating light.
The Gilbert city council in Arizona is deciding this summer whether to go ahead and have Arizona State University students design and create a "dog waste digester". That waste digester would literally turn unscooped poop into into a form that releases methane gas. The methane gas would first be used to run a street lamp in Gilbert -- but other uses for the unavoidable and endless supply of dog poop, down the line, may be limitless.
The idea is that Phoenix-area, Arizona, dog owners would place their canine's fecal matter in a biodegradable bag, simply drop the poop into a "digester", then turn a crank to get the process rolling. ASU says that poop digester would use Arizona's worthy amounts of sun to help break down the fecal matter and turn it into a gas.
Leave it to college students to decide how to turn crap into cash.


Gilbert, AZ
United States
33° 21' 10.1736" N, 111° 47' 20.4972" W
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