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A Little Concussion Among Exes Girlfriend Nails Ex With Brick After Pregnancy Lies

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by copythat

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In The News

People are strange--and actions are often stranger: A boyfriend and girlfriend get into a physical brawl after the Kentucky woman visits her ex's home, informing him she's pregnant. No, she's not really pregnant. Yes, she did hit him with a brick. But the ex-boyfriend has escaped with a lot more than the California guy who's lost his penis to a garbage disposer.
The 20-year-old woman apparently got particularly riled when her ex-boyfriend knocked a pregnancy test out of her hand. It's unclear what those results were showing. If the pregnancy test was positive, that urine must not have belonged to her -- perhaps a more frightening thought than what resulted. After the woman allegedly began attacking him, her ex is accused of hitting her back -- when she picked up a brick, and apparently had a good 'pitch'. He's got a mild concussion after being hit in the head by a thrown brick. But the man's alive and, better yet for his mental status, he's physically intact and not in jail -- which is more than some guys can say after not-so-great 'love' relationships.
Worse than most physical 'hits', a guy's girlfriend in Missouri apparently got sick and tired of her man's laziness: The woman who decided her boyfriend shouldn't be jobless and high after smoking pot all day phoned 911 to report the man's drug possession to cops.
A boyfriend in Fort Lauderdale ended up victim of a 'crotch fire' from an angry woman possessing a Bic. He refused to put up money for bail, to get his girlfriend out of jail, after she lit a fire in his crotch. The judge kind of said the woman wasn't allowed to have flame after the incident. Sheldon Gonzales informed cops he'd been "awakened by a burning sensation in the crotch of his pants," when he spotted his girlfriend with a Bic lighter in hand.
But a man in Garden Grove, California, seems to have received the worst end of the deal since John Bobbitt: His ex is accused of cooking him dinner before drugging him -- the woman chopping off his penis with a ten-inch kitchen knife as he awoke when she threw the member into a garbage disposal. She then turned the disposer on. While Bobbitt went on to achieve some low-level notoriety in the porn industry after extensive penis reattachment surgery, the California guy is not so 'lucky'. It seems his woman learned well from Lorena Bobbitt's 'error' -- instead ensuring a penis attachment surgery would not be part of the scenario.
The moral of the story is a recurring one: Never sleep near an angry woman, drugged or not.
What's a little concussion among friends -- or exes?


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United States
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