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Girlfriend Calls 911 Reports Boyfriend Smoking Pot and Jobless

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by hearit

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Don’t mess with a girlfriend whose tired of you smoking pot all day instead of having a job. In what can only be deemed one of the worst ways to retaliate, a 35-year-old man’s girlfriend called 911 after being sick and tired of her boyfriend smoking pot--sans a job. In the stupider turn of events and "create your own possession charge" department, the man told police there was marijuana in his car--and allowed officers to search it--when he was actually in a motel room.

The 911 hang-up call from a Lebanon, Missouri, motel room resulted in a police visit. Upon arrival, police officers were duly informed by the woman that her boyfriend does nothing during the day but smoke marijuana.

In a seemingly idiotic move that can only be deemed as related to influence, the man admitted to having marijuana in his car--handing over a pipe containing pot. Apparently offering free access to the car, for a police search that couldn’t have occurred without open consent or a search warrant, the amount of marijuana in his car gained the man a drug possession charge.

A match made in heaven--the perfect combo of dumb, and dumbest.

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