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Domestic Violence Turns to Court Assault Defendant Attacks Kentucky Judge

July 17, 2011 7:43pm by copythat

In The News

One woman has not had a good day: Facing domestic violence charges, Kentucky's Melissa Harvick attacks a judge, making a worthy attempt at assault while already in court over alleged abuse charges. It's not often a defendant adds two more legal charges--in court--to the current list of allegations but Harvick's upped the ante by adding contempt of court and terroristic threats. Read more

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Florida Judge Busted Snapping Photos of Men in Court Bathrooms Urinals

July 8, 2011 12:30am by copythat

In The News

It seems some judges are no less weird than the people they're trying in court: A South Florida traffic court judge has reportedly been snapping with a camera instead of slamming with a gavel. The Judge is accused of taking up photography recently, on the job, and grabbing some cell phone photos -- taken in the Plantation men's room bathrooms where urinals are located. Read more

Judge Accused of Distributing Acorn Condoms in Intercourse PA

September 30, 2010 2:11pm by hearit

In The News

Police are accusing a district judge from—where else but Intercourse, Pennsylvania (PA)—of distributing condoms hidden inside of actual acorns, handing out the prophylactic nuts to women in the state Read more