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Domestic Violence Turns to Court Assault Defendant Attacks Kentucky Judge

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by copythat

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One woman has not had a good day: Facing domestic violence charges, Kentucky's Melissa Harvick attacks a judge, making a worthy attempt at assault while already in court over alleged abuse charges. It's not often a defendant adds two more legal charges--in court--to the current list of allegations but Harvick's upped the ante by adding contempt of court and terroristic threats.

It's not a common occurrence but Wayne County Circuit Court (KY) court video shows the reason those sheriffs are always posted up, inside courtrooms.

The Kentucky woman accused of domestic violence apparently tried to talk over her husband, who was in the Wayne County Circuit Court in Monticello -- specifically to testify against his wife, Melissa Harvick, in the charges. It seems there was also some alleged foul language on behalf of Harvick, who is accused of spouting words that apparently didn't sit well with the female judge. After the judge warns Harvick to simmer down over the frequent interruptions and cease foul language, things turn a bit potentially violent. The trigger, shown on the video, seems to be when the judge finally chooses to sentence Harvick to 10 days for contempt of court.

Harvick's reaction is immediate -- the woman trying to jump over the barricade to where the Kentucky judge is seated. Two sheriffs are able to grab Harvick in time before any physical assault, but the courtroom drama and attack are about to make those domestic violence allegations and contempt of court sentence a lot less important than other legal issues.

That contempt of court sentence just got multiplied by 12: Melissa Harvick's now got herself a 120-day sentence for contempt of court, after attacking the Kentucky judge, and is facing charges of terroristic threatening and intimidation.

It seems the Defendant kind of testified against herself, even without words, in the courtroom attack: After the attempted assault, the judge ruled that original domestic violence order will remain intact.


Wayne County Circuit Court
125 W Columbia Avenue
Monticello, KY 42633-1448
United States
Phone: (606) 348-5841
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