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Florida Judge Busted Snapping Photos of Men in Court Bathrooms Urinals

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by copythat

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In The News

It seems some judges are no less weird than the people they're trying in court: A South Florida traffic court judge has reportedly been snapping with a camera instead of slamming with a gavel. The Judge is accused of taking up photography recently, on the job, and grabbing some cell phone photos -- taken in the Plantation men's room bathrooms where urinals are located. One picture was actually taken at the urinal.

If that's not bizarre enough, the 47-year-old -- Judge Rhonda Hollander -- is also accused of trying to bite the officer's hand who arrested her shortly after the photography extravaganza.

Restroom occupant Willie Jackson told cops that Judge Hollander had entered the men's room and taken a photo of him -- as he stood in front of a urinal in the bathroom at the West Regional Courthouse in Plantation, Florida. Apparently there was no shortage of subjects: Hollander reportedly used her cell phone's camera to then snap a picture of yet another bathroom visitor as he was entering the men's restroom area.

Things didn't turn violent until a Broward County deputy was sent to speak with Judge Hollander at the West Regional Courthouse in Plantation. Apparently the Florida traffic court judge adamantly refused to turn over her phone to authorities and insisted she hadn't broken any laws. As to why she was in the men's bathroom to begin with, that part's still a bit hazy.

But it seems a true photographer simply cannot be bothered by outside influences -- it hampers the creative style: Even as the Broward County deputy led Judge Hollander and the first man she'd photographed at the urinal to an office, the traffic court woman was still snapping pictures. And she apparently doesn't like her creativity interrupted: The deputy who stopped her ability to continue snapping shots got bitten, while he was trying to arrest the Florida judge.


West Regional Courthouse in Plantation (17th Judicial Circuit of Florida)
100 N. Pine Island Road
Plantation, FL 33324
United States
26° 7' 24.8664" N, 80° 15' 48.8052" W
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