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Kelloggs Breakfast Cereals Go Adult with Economy No Toy Included

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by hearit

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It's surely a sign of economic times and tough financial climate when a major kids' cereal manufacturer chooses to toss out the 'toy' in exchange for its'adult' version: the almighty coupon. Or, rather, five of them--from Kellogg's.

Kellogg's Pops cereal, so popular among the under-underage crowd, now includes a coupon for "$5 in Breakfast Savings" in place of the old standby. To add insult to injury for the minors, no kids' cereals are on the list of savings: 'Pops' parents can choose to save on Raisin Bran, All-Bran, Smart Start or Special K. Four other coupons save a buck apiece on coffee purchases, Nutri-Grain bars, Dannon Activa yogurts or Morning Star Farms veggie foods.

For kids, no toy included--except, maybe, a happy parent.

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