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DC Housewives Michaele Salahi Barbie Wannabe Doll Released

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by hearit

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In The News

Real Housewives of D.C. reality star Michaele Salahi has now “forever” been immortalized—this time, not for crashing a White House dinner with Obama, but rather as a plastic version of herself. The tv star had reportedly been trying to cash in on that “fame”, by marketing the idea of a Barbie version of herself. But Mattel’s not buying: the Barbie “wannabe” has been produced, but the company that’s picked up the doll is called “Hero Builders”.

Hero Builders has immortalized more controversial celebrity “figures” in recent years. The Hero Builders company has added plastic doll figures in the likes of Sarah Palin, Jersey Shore dolls and Kate Gosselin action figures. Michaele Salahi is just the newest of celebrities to the Hero Builders list.

The new Michaele Salahi Barbie wannabe figure is dressed to the nines—in exact replica of the evening gown she wore to the White House party that the DC Housewives star is accused of crashing, with husband Tareq Salahi in 2010. The Hero Builders doll is dressed in Michaele’s now infamous red sari dress, topped with blonde hair that is a bit more on the yellow side than Salahi’s actual platinum do.

It was previously reported that Michaele Salahi had been attempting to sell marketing rights of her doll likeness to Barbie owner and doll giant Mattel—said that Salahi had high hopes of her action figure likeness achieving similar fame to Mattel’s “Malibu Stacy”.

For just under forty bucks, the Michaele Salahi action doll has now been released and available for purchase through Hero Builders--get yours before it's gone, forever.

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