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Beer Wars are On as Dutch Brewery 't Koelschip Releases Strongest Beer (60%) in the World Beats End of History Brew

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
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The beer wars are officially on with the creation of Dutch Brewery 't Koelschip release of their "Start the future" beer beating out BrewDog’s “The End of History” beer (55% alcohol content) by a 5% margin. It is hard to make a healthy decision on either of the brews without tasting them which may be nearly impossible for most people due to price and limited supply. I can't however think of a more fun product to put to the test should we get our eager little hands on some. Because, let's face it's not only our European brothers and sister that have a fine palate and hankering for these suds; America is Beer isn't it. From every after work happy hour to weekend BBQ's pub crawls and Ball games, we surely know how to get our drink on. Moreover, we simply love the stuff so we enjoy hearing about any of you have had the chance to imbibe on these wild creations from BrewDog's or his Nemesis
't Koelschip; Supremely named "Start the future" and “The End of History” drinking both in one evening just may have you seeing your life pass right before your eyes.


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