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Wacktrap Website Urges London to Regain City Through Social Networking

"Wacktrap Website Urges London to Regain City Through Social Networking" published by Zecco Market Research

“ says the answer is not to shut down communication [during British looting efforts] but to advance it: ‘Even if BBM messages were shut down...looters and vandals can still turn to texting, Twitter and Facebook as their main focus,’ says Wacktrap co-founder Shannon Miller. ‘It's easy for looters to switch communication styles. Censoring one method isn't likely to solve the problem, adds founder Suzanne Ziesche. The game,’ says Ziesche, ‘simply needs to be changed. If residents of London can unify and share experiences and insights on Wacktrap, to help move one step ahead of the violence, it could prove very effective…"