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Wacktrap: New Social Networking Site Helps Consumers Combat Crazy

“Wacktrap: New Social Networking Site Helps Consumers Combat Crazy” published by Goliath Business


“Wacktrap ( co-founders Shannon Miller and Suzanne Ziesche are responsible for creation and development of the website that snares all the crazy things that happen in life, makes them searchable, and connects people through their experiences. 'Things happen every day, that make you want to shake your head at how ridiculous they are, laugh at the absurdity, or even scream with frustration,' says Ziesche. 'Whether it's the company that tells you something outlandish, another employee or customer that makes you want to hang your head in your hands, a bizarre experience at a restaurant, bank, gas station - or something that's just plain ironic, funny or has a twist..."