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London Ice Cream Store Introduces Breast Milk Flavor as Baby Gaga

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by hearit

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Tastes may vary from country to country but breast milk is breast milk, and ice cream (should) remain ice cream. A London store's uses 15 breast milk donors to make a new mother's milk flavor: “Baby Gaga”. Icecreamists calls the dairy “an organic, free-range treat,” while others call foul.

The newest breast milk flavor is dubbed "Baby Gaga," available as of Friday at the Icecreamists restaurant in London's Covent Garden – available now as ranking among the worst marketing stunts in history, of any country.

Icecreamists store founder Matt O'Connor claims he has confidence in the "miracle of motherhood" flavor. A lot of faith, in both the flavor and economy, will do: “Baby Gaga” carries a $23 (14 pounds) per serving price tag.

For those wondering exactly where the basis of the product comes from, inquiring minds can (supposedly) rest assured: the breast milk used in the new ice cream flavor has been provided by moms who answered an online ad via the mothers' forum at the European Mumsnet website. If the concept wasn’t foul enough, it just got fouler.

15 women “donated” breast milk to the Icecreamists ice cream parlor after seeing an ad. As to any planned ‘second batch’ of the breast milk flavor, it’s unclear as to whether the source will remain the same – or if the “Mumsnet” dot com will be able to weather any media storm related to the unusual additive.

Perhaps equally entertaining is a mother’s take on the entrepreneurialism: London’s 35-year-old Victoria Hiley, who works with women experiencing problems breast-feeding newborns, told the media that she believes new moms would be more willing to breastfeed babies if they (basically) knew how great the milk tastes. Apparently a woman’s decision to breastfeed – or not breastfeed – all comes to flavor potential. At least in one woman’s mind.

Cited in what seems to be of equal importance is the recession-buster value: while the breast milk ice cream’s cost beats wallets, it simultaneously boosts income for some. Hiley’s apparently a big believer in the new ice cream, for multiple reasons: "What could be more natural than fresh, free-range mother's milk in an ice cream? And for me it's a recession beater too -- what's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?"

Indeed. What’s the harm? – other than what could be some potentially valid questions as to health standards or hazards.

The mother’s milk donor claims her first trial of the ice cream to be " very nice” and that the product “really melts in the mouth." Apparently she has no issue with ingesting her own breast milk – or that of others.

The Icecreamists “Baby Gaga” recipe blends breast milk with two other key ingredients to enhance (or kill) the flavor: Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest are mixed with the breast milk, the product then churned into ice cream for sale.

Icecreamists founder O' Connor says “Baby Gaga” is one of a dozen “radical” new flavors at his shop, but (interestingly) hasn’t referenced the intrigue of any of the other supposedly “radical” flavors. Says O’ Connor: "Some people will hear about it [Baby Gaga breast milk flavor ice cream] and go, 'yuck' but actually it's pure, organic, free-range and totally natural. I had a ‘Baby Gaga’ just this morning and I feel great."

Wow. The owner says he ate the ice cream – and he’s still standing. Hello, Mr. O’ Connor: when your statement to the public involves the key reassurance that you ingested your own product and are still physically fine, there may be an issue. When a product’s great, people tend to say “it’s great,” not the equivalent of “I’m alive and ok.”

In what seems genius marketing ploy, part deux, the Icecreamists claims the “Baby Gaga” flavor is ‘Sold Out.’ Genius, pure genius. First, create a product comprised of a bodily fluid – a concept that may only be topped by other bodily fluids like, say, semen. Second, announce the foul concept to the press, for instant word of mouth. Next, announce that the “product” is “sold out” before real, paying customers can review the product or say how much it sucks and additionally create even more buzz by insinuating that the product is so great that it’s already no longer available.

Of course there’s always the possibility that “Baby Gaga” has actually sold out. It’s hard to say exactly how far the mother’s milk of only 15 donors can go, in the making of ice cream -- particularly after samplings donors, owner and employees.

The “sold out” status seems more than a bit suspicious: the breast milk ice cream hasn’t exactly received rave reviews, despite the ice cream store’s PR efforts. Londontheinside did give Icecreamists a review, but aside from referencing the simple existence and availability of the “Baby Gaga” flavor, the reviewer doesn’t exactly talk about any stellar attributes of the controversial flavor. Gawker entitles its article as "Breast Milk Ice Cream is a Huge Hit," which opens with the author saying "I love ice cream, but no." Hmmm...

Despite all the publicity, it's virtually impossible to find one online review of the actual breast milk flavor -- from someone who's actually tasted the mother's milk "treat," as the store's owner dubs it.

The store seems to have sustained more marketing ploys than a band: its “Sex Bomb” ice cream was originally supposed to contain Viagra – and, well, we can all figure how that played out. Yeah, a no-go. But it did gain the store some notoriety.

For now, the Icecreamists store carries a front-door sign that claims the first batch of “Baby Gaga” breast milk ice cream to be sold out -- pending new supplies. And, for now, no lawsuits.


15 Maiden Lane Covent Garden
London WC2E 7NG
United States
Phone: 07595-219-240
51° 30' 38.3328" N, 0° 7' 23.8224" W
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