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Wacktrap Helps Consumers Ditch Stress Through Therapy by the Paragraph

“Wacktrap Helps Consumers Ditch Stress Through Therapy by the Paragraph” published by TMC Tech News

“Wacktrap co-founders Miller and Ziesche realized people need an outlet and the ability to connect in a healthy way - to help cut negative stress in the crazy and bizarre things that life throws their way. 'When you feel like you're alone in an experience, it can be overwhelming. People can be at a complete loss as to what to do, how to react or even act,' says Miller. "But no matter how odd, crazy or even upsetting an experience is, someone else has had a similar one. We're connecting those experiences and those people - in what becomes a powerful, positive force. Life is crazy. That fact isn't changing. Experiences are unavoidable but how we handle those experiences dramatically changes how we feel, and how we enjoy life...”