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Canada Transit Worker Sleeping Union Bashes Public

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by hearit

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A Twitter pic (TwitPic) is ticking people off when Canadian transit riders are already in a tizzy over fare hikes to commuters. Adam Giambrone (head of the Canadian TCC) says he's created a “blue-ribbon task force” to propose ways to improve the commission’s customer service.

Wack as wack can be-the TTC Workers’ union of Canda has lashed out at the person who took the Twitter picture, actually saying someone should have checked on the sleeping worker's health instead of making fun of him or exposing his lack of fulfilling job duties. Nice move, union-bash the public for grabbing evidence of your worker's lack of doing his job. Maybe the union's pr person should consider yanking whoever released that statement-getting them out of the public eye. The union claims some TTC workers have medical conditions such as diabetes, making them more susceptible to life-threatening events such as heart attack or aneurysm. Here's a news flash-the entire human population is prone to medical conditions. Yet we can all tell when someone is sleeping. Add fuel to the fire-make it look dumber.

The Canadian union's pr company is obviously trying to do damage control through the media, bringing out a smiling photo of the transit worker who was caught napping on the job. Statements pumped to the media include quotes from news sources like "the TTC collector caught sleeping inside a Scarborough station is a veteran employee who once saved the life of a rider." That's fantastic that the worker once saved someone's life, and unfortunately also entirely irrelevant-the fact of the matter is that this sleeping worker isn't saving anyone's life because he's sleeping. Kind of like the no texting while driving (a train) thing-the worker's attention isn't focused on his job. In fact his attention's not there at all. Plus he's not doing his job, union.

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