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SUV Driver Shoots Down Church Tunnel in San Francisco Subway Shutdown

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by editor

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San Francisco's subway system has been delayed for all kinds of reasons including unruly passengers, protests and earthquakes and things like police shootings -- but not never an SUV. A driver damaged some mass transit tracks after shooting into the city's Church Street tunnel at roughly 40 mph. As it turns out, stairs aren't just for stepping. They can save lives.
Kind of like Martin Luther King, there's a Church Street in pretty much every major city. This one happens to have tunnel entry -- and is kind of a no-drive zone. The SUV popped in right before six in the morning, driving toward the subway's Van Ness Station, at about the time when the already struggling-to-awaken commuters were headed for work -- or would've liked to have been.
Surprise, surprise: Cops think alcohol may be involved. Police arrested a 40-year-old guy from Sebastopol on suspicion of driving under the influence and driving on train tracks. Just for good measure, law enforcement threw in an allegation regarding "failure to obey a stop sign."
Trains didn't get moving for more than two hours later in the incident where the guy got himself and the SUV stuck on -- of all things -- a concrete stair. That miniature ledge proved worthy enough in stopping the vehicle that had been estimated at traveling roughly 40 mph when it headed into the subway's tunnel.


Church Street
San Francisco, CA
United States
37° 45' 17.6076" N, 122° 25' 39.828" W
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