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iGrill BBQ Digital Thermometer for iPhone Among Stupidest Gadgets

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by copythat

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It ranks among the stupidest gadgets just in time for the summer BBQ season. The iGrill digital thermometer allows iPhone or iPad users 200 feet of range with Bluetooth--to check meat temperatures from afar. Just don't stray too much: If you're planning on grilling steaks, you could have hungry guests. The electronics device monitors a max of two steaks at a time.
People will always pay for things of value but there's such a thing as timing --and this electronics introduction comes during one of the worst economic recessions the nation has ever seen. While some debtors are desperate enough to fight for ownership of repossessed cars on a game show, others can choose to plop down a hundred bucks on a digital thermometer -- that's supposedly going to reduce kitchen clutter.
The iGrill lets chefs monitor that meat temp from up to 200 feet away--all while using a Bluetooth connection plus an app from the Apple Store. Users can connect with an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android phone or device. Because, supposedly, grilling champs need that range. And one more thing to monitor from your phone.
You'll get more than 200 feet of distance from your steaks: You'll also get an extra four feet -- in cables. Each iGrill gadget comes complete with 48-inches of heat resistant cable. Four feet of cable per probe. If you're not a mathematician, purchase two probes and you'll get eight feet of cables -- to find a place to store during that off-season.
Inc. Magazine touts the iGrill gadget as one of the "coolest new summertime gadgets". Maybe the magazine was lacking for participants in the category. The iGrill reviewer claims the only complaint is that the digital thermometer lost connectivity while removing its probe in order to flip the steak. On top of the price for one more gadget to store, it appears the pricey piece of 'technology' doesn't always work right either.
You're not supposed to worry about having an extra piece of crap to clutter your kitchen: According to iDevices, its manufacturer: "iGrill isn’t an extra tool in your cluttered kitchen…it’s the ONLY tool you’ll ever need. With recipes, tips, how-to videos, grocery lists, timers and temperatures at your fingertips, iGrill actually makes your kitchen LESS cluttered." Apparently the iGrill is not an electronic gadget, it's one serious 'tool'. And it's going to make your kitchen less cluttered. It's just not too clear as to how that clutter clearance is going to happen through introduction of a thermometer -- particularly one that adds 4 feet to 8 feet in cables for every owner to store. Maybe iGrill users are supposed to toss the rest of those pesky kitchen tools, like knives.
For an extra five bucks, purchasers can be the proud owner of an additional probe. That's fantastic, since now you can eat with someone else rather than eating alone. Just make sure to choose that extra probe right off the bat when you buy the iGrill: if that additional probe's not part of the initial purchase, that extra guest will cost you -- about eighteen bucks instead.
If you think those 200 feet is going to allow party time with guests, don't expect too much leeway: The maximum number of probes that will plug into the iGrill is two. Better make it a roast or bypass altogether. Grilling two steaks at a time is going to make for some very hungry guests.

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