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Digg Sponsored Articles Really Suck and Ruin the Digg Experience

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by hardliner

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The onslaught of sponsored Digg Articles is just plain obnoxious. While perusing through the Upcoming and Top Digg Stories we see so many Windows 7 phone ads, (sorry Microsoft, you really missed the boat by two years on this one) and howlifeworks junk. Doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of user voted on content when your only option is to weed through this repetitive garbage and bury it whenever possible? We all understand that even Digg needs to make money but littering a useful site with trash real dilutes the experience.
It feels like a downright violation and I think most people would rather see an ad in an ad block than paid Diggs sprinkled in with real content. It is a lot like running in to someone several times a day that does not respect your boundaries, if this happened most people would pick a new route.
Howlifeworks is the biggest offender with a whole site dedicated to paid articles; so much for unbiased media. What is hard to understand is why the heck people Digg this junk anyway. Do over One Thousand people really think that there are HDTV’s to be had for a mere $2.60? Does this type of blatant spam not really bother people? It sure would be interesting to know or am I alone on this one?

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