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Woman Sues 4-H $1 Million Over Fall and Foreign Accent Syndrome

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by copythat

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In The News

A Virginia woman is suing 4-H for a stairwell fall where she's seeking $1 Million dollars in Court Damages, claiming the fall caused "Foreign Accent Syndrome". No input on why a foreign accent is worth a million.
The Fairfax County woman of Virginia fell and hit her head in a stairwell at a 4-H youth conference. Two days later, after being released from the hospital after the fall, Vanderlip suddenly began speaking English--only it's now English with a foreign accent that she's speaking.
The woman is--who could've guessed--suing. And it's a big lawsuit, for $1 million in damages, the Washington Post says.
Doctors say that a real medical condition can cause people who hit their heads, like Vanderlip did when falling, to suddenly develop what is really known as "Foreign Accent Syndrome". Supposedly a part of the brain which affects speech is damaged, causing sufferers to sound similar to being from a country such as Sweden--based on the way vowels are suddenly pronounced with "Foreign Accent Syndrome".
In World War II, a Norwegian woman was hit by shrapnel and developed a strong German accent, causing her to become an outcast in her own country.Since, 35-year-old Sarah Cowell of England, came down with a migraine just months ago, suddenly speaking with a Chinese accent when she had never been to the country. Linda Walker, a U.K. woman, suffered a stroke, then developed a Jamaican accent. “I’ve lost my identity because I never talked like this before,” she told BBC four years ago.
Maybe a temporary "loss of identity" is worth a cool Mil.

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