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by mia017

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(Stepping up to the podium) Recently, I had received a ten dollar and change check for the "VIOLATION of LIFELOCK" . It seems that when I ran a "credit check" on my name, I had found that there were false bank loans, dell computer purchases, and "unknown" expenses with a credit card...which totals to almost 30K dollars. I get a "settlement check" for only ten dollars, and I am supposed to agree to this my "pay-off". I have only few words to say, but I am throwing up LIFELOCK as a sell-out and I feel that the aggravation that I am going through is NOT WORTH a measley ten dollars! (keep in mind, it was stated to me, "There are a few hundred thousand others, so if they do not cash their checks, you get another three dollars!" (ooooh am i entertained by THAT thought..for sure!) So this is my wack! (Stepping off of the podium)

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After seeing all the

December 30, 2010 by venusrising, 9 years 38 weeks ago

venusrising's picture

After seeing all the commercials for Lifelock I always wondered if they really put their money where there mouth is. I sure would love to see what bogus excuse Lifelock gives for what sounds like a Lifemock.

Ameritrade has done something

February 2, 2011 by copythis, 9 years 33 weeks ago

copythis's picture

Ameritrade has done something similar, exposing customer email or address information to alleged issues with private info seen by third parties and even identity theft. Attorneys are saying the minimum payout will be somewhere between two and a half to 6 million with about $50 per customer