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Where in the World is Casey Anthony Defense Attorney Says Only Jury Verdict Matters

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by copythat

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Where in the world is Casey Anthony? Pretty much like Carmen Sandiego, nobody quite knows where she is exactly. The accused murderer's attorney could have a clue. He's got a fleet of planes and helicopters. Anthony boards a plane at Orlando Executive Airport, destination unknown -- after one defense attorney makes clear he's armed outside the jail. Another case lawyer says he and the jury believe a just verdict was delivered -- and apparently that's all that matters.
Three hours after Casey Anthony was released from jail, a plane took off from Orlando Executive Airport and then subsequently landed in Prescott, Arizona later in the day. But still, it's unknown where the accused murderer my -- or even whether another flight could've backed the first, to potentially fly the accused murderer to yet another location nationally or internationally.
It seems Casey Anthony's lawyer is a bit grouchy about the questioning over whether he knows where his client has gone after just being let out of jail. The San Diego, California, attorney who helped on the Anthony criminal defense is thought to possibly be aiding his former client -- while keeping her away from news reporters.
An airplane departed from Orlando Executive Airport -- just one hour after Anthony's release from jail, when she walked out the front door of the Orange County correctional facility instead of leaving in a covert fashion as reporters had anticipated. But while she may have walked out the front door, she seems to have disappeared from the planet since. That's probably a good thing: the general public seems to be gunning for the woman -- at least verbally, and possibly physically, in a situation where only time will tell whether someone decides to make good on one of those threats.
The Orange County, Florida, jail release of Casey Anthony included crowds and protestors chanting “killer” and carrying handmade “boycott blood money” signs. People waited all night outside the jail, simply to taunt the Florida woman who walked free -- after what many view as a murderer gone free in a jury trial gone wrong, released from jail only 12 days after being acquitted of murder and child neglect charges.
In the meantime, Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney Jose Baez -- the lawyer griping over the public outcry. Juries are smart. And they're always correct -- just ask Baez. Baez also appears to be deaf. When asked by reporters whether Baez heard the chants -- as he was personally escorting Anthony during her release from the Orange County Jail -- of the throngs who were shouting “Killer, killer," the defense attorney claims he didn't hear a thing. Or nothing he could make out, anyway: “I certainly heard a large group of people yelling things but I certainly couldn’t make out what was being said at the time. We got in the car and left.”
If there are going to be lies, perhaps -- similarly to battles -- those should be chosen wisely.
Attorney Jose Baez is apparently frustrated and apparently he'd like the public to shut up about its opinions on his client who got her 'not-guilty' verdict: “We live in the United States of America. And this young woman had her day in court where a jury of 12 found her not guilty of murder, manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse,” says Baez.
It's a good thing Anthony's lead defense attorney is clarifying -- just so people can feel even more riled up that the Florida woman was acquitted of not just one charge, murdering her two-year-old chile Caylee, but also set free on the other charge of neglect.
Attorney Baez seems to think the nation should follow the opinion of twelve people -- not have their own: “We need to start respecting jury verdict and decisions that the jury made," Baez told reporters. "Pundits and media personalities have no right to try and alter the life of any individual because of what they think may or may not have happened.”
That's right -- it's all the media's fault. That damned media. Perhaps Baez should have a sit-down with Chris Rock, the comedian who knows it's not the media he's looking over his shoulder for.
The attorney says his greatest fear -- supposedly ranking above fear for his client’s safety -- is that people are not recognizing the jury’s decision. Yeah, well, it would probably be wiser and more beneficial to start worrying about your client -- particularly since she's been getting those repeated death threats and all.
“People are not acknowledging the great sacrifice this jury made and the hard work they labored over to render a just verdict in this case, which I believe they did, they believe they did, and that’s really all that matters.”
That's right, people. Get over it. All that matters is what Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney believes and what the jurors believe.
Casey Anthony's probably smart to stay on the run where she can't easily be found, whether that's by land, by sea -- or by air: The Florida woman's been receiving death threats that seem to be piling up quickly.
Anthony's attorney Charles Greene -- one of several defense lawyers -- told a judge he'd gotten no less than seven different threats against Anthony the day of the acquittal. And then there's that photo of the accused murderer -- threats with a bullet depicted through Casey Anthony's forehead.
Then there's the Casey Anthony lookalike who was attacked and rammed on an Oklahoma road, her car flipped twice, because the attacker thought the woman (who ironically has a daughter also named Caylee) was a doppelganger for the accused murderer. That lookalike attack was before Anthony had even been released from jail.
Anthony Defense lawyer Cheney Mason seems to be making no bones about safety -- if not for his client, for himself: "We are all vigilant and I am armed."
Following the 'not-guilty' jury trial verdict, Anthony's lawyers refuse to say where their client is headed but speculation says she's bound for the first way out of town -- and the fastest method is, of course, a plane. Helicopters tracked a convoy from the downtown Orlando jail to the office of Anthony's attorney, Cheney Mason, when she was released from jail.
While cameras and crews followed Casey Anthony’s walk out of jail, just three news reporters had actually been allowed behind the Orlando correctional facility's doors. Reporters have tried to find out Anthony's destination, whether it lies in the nation or across the world, but no one's talking -- not even those closest to the case. And perhaps that's safest for everyone -- including the person who may find themselves behind bars after an emotional act that could never be taken back.
Defense attorney Todd Macaluso swears he has no clue as to his client's whereabouts, claiming Casey Anthony's destination is "a closely guarded secret" and that he's not part of the plan for escape from the public. The lawyer claims he doesn't want to know, either -- and that may be one of the biggest truths related to the Anthony murder trial.
But while her own defense team may not want to know, everyone's a bit stuck and, truthfully, probably more in danger with the accused murderer around than out of town -- and out of sight, so she can be a bit more out of peoples' minds. While Casey Anthony is in danger, realistically, so is everyone related to her and the trial -- including lawyers and jurors. A plane, flying far, far away, would be a good spot.
Defense attorney Todd Macaluso is known to have his own fleet of planes and even a helicopter. If he was smart, he'd help his client get out of the public eye. And he just may be smart. When asked whether he'd fly Anthony out of Orlando, the attorney's snippy reply to a reporter equated to: "What do I look like, a charter pilot?" No, Todd Macaluso looks like an attorney. But he certainly knows a charter pilot.
Others asked Todd Macaluso if the attorney had any plans to hide Casey Anthony at his own Rancho Santa Fe house. The attorney's response: "That [hiding Anthony in his family home] would be too conspicuous."
The lawyer probably looks more like a charter pilot than he looks that dumb. He'd probably prefer to keep his family members alive.
The lawyer probably looks a lot more like a charter pilot than he looks to be that dumb. He'd probably prefer to keep his family members alive.


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