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Motorcyclist Ends Up Back Seat Passenger After Car Minivan Accident

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by copythat

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In The News

One California motorcyclist is very lucky--to have hitched a ride instead of ending up dead after rear-ending a van in a car accident. The rider got thrown into the vehicle's back seat instead of thrown all over the road. Police name the unheard-of event "a non-injury collision with a twist". Really.

Victorville, California, police have been forced to find a new 'name' for an accident that doesn't really have an identifier -- since it doesn't really exist: "We're calling this one a non-injury collision with a twist," says Victorville Police Department spokeswoman Karen Hunt.

Whoever says minivan drivers drive slowly must be incorrect.

Reportedly, the minivan slowed to make a turn -- and the motorcycle crashed into the van, the bike's rider shattering and catapulting through the van's rear window. The motorcycle itself skidded and was thrown underneath the van itself. As to why the van driver went home is a bit unclear. Perhaps he or she needed a moment to clear those thoughts. The van's driver had pulled into the driveway and was getting ready to head back to the scene -- about half a block away -- when a startling discovery was made. That van's driver was not alone.

A stunned motorcyclist was in his back seat. In yet another ad for helmets and safety, apparently the helmet took the brunt of force -- along with the rear window. In some miracle thrown from above, the motorcyclist came away unscathed -- basically without a scratch. The bike's rider only asked for ice, for one of his hands.

There was one casualty: the motorcycle. Perhaps that's a sign it's time for a new ride.


Victorville, CA
United States
34° 32' 9.9852" N, 117° 17' 28.1652" W
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